Peo Fan club Mar/06/2023 12:00

Schedule Wallpaper and 1on1 reservation ୨୧ March

୨୧1on1 Talk event !


There is currently only one last available slot for the 1-on-1 plan!

What is 1on1 Talk?

---Let's talk about things we don't usually get to talk about, or things we both want to talk about🔓
---Of course, any kind of conversation is welcome, such as small talk, hobbies, etc🎮🌟
---If you are not good at talking, or if you are not comfortable with your Japanese, you can join us by text chatting 🌸

📞This event will use "Discord".
⏰Call time is 10 minutes (+5 minutes for backup).
Participation is limited to those who are on the "ぴおを全力で応援plan".
📅The period will be held on December 15, 17, 18!
---If you wish to participate and cannot attend during this period, please contact us separately 📧.

翻訳Botを導入しました!Introduction of translation bots

1on1 Talkの際、海外の参加者の方がとても多く、翻訳をしながらの会話をしてくださる方も多いと思うので、翻訳botを導入しました!

-t japanese "word here"


Most of the participants are from overseas, and I know many of you will be translating and conversing with me, so I've introduced a translation bot

・When you want to translate your own words into Japanese

-t japanese "word here"
・When you want to translate what the other person says into your language
When you want to translate what the other person says into your language, click on the flag emoji of your country.

If you need to use it, please do so ✨.
If you prepare a long letter or a long sentence in advance, I would be happy if you could translate it with a separate translator 💌 because the bot has a character limit

Schedule wallpaper distribution and booking instructions are ahead!

【 ぴおをそっと応援プラン🌱 】プラン以上限定 月額:500円

ぴおの活動をそっと支えていただいているシンプルなプランです🌱 いつもありがとうございます✿・゚


【 ぴおをもっと応援プラン🌸 】プラン以上限定 月額:2,000円

ぴおの活動をもっと応援していただけるプランになります🌸 いつもありがとうございます✿・゚


【 ぴおを全力で応援プラン👑 】プラン以上限定 月額:5,000円

ぴおの活動を大きく支えていただいているプランとなります👑 いつもありがとうございます✿・゚