*In the fan club, I speak mainly in Japanese!
(1on1 I will try my best to speak English as well!)

୨୧ Yukinoshita Peo

花の妖精 雪乃下ぴおです ໒꒱·゚
みんなとお話すること、そしてゲームが大好き !

I am a flower fairy ໒꒱·゚
I love to talk to everyone and playing games !
Let's make a wonderful story together

୨୧ Stream

Game / Chatting / Singing / Drawing / Study English

୨୧ To All Supporters Before Joining

※このPeo fanclubは、雪乃下ぴおの配信活動をサポートを目的としており、リターンを目的としたサービスではありません。継続特典は、日々の活動を支えてくださっている皆様への感謝の気持ちや記念として提供させていただいと思っております。

※ This Peo fanclub is established with the purpose of supporting Yukino Shita Peo's streaming activities, and is not a service with the intention of providing returns. The ongoing benefits are intended to be offered as a token of gratitude and commemoration to everyone who supports her daily endeavors.
I sincerely hope that only those who can understand this concept will consider joining and participating.

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  • ぴおをそっと応援プラン🌱Sotto

    Monthly Cost: 500 yen plan


  • ぴおをもっと応援プラン🌸Motto

    Monthly Cost: 2,000 yen plan

    Few Remaining


  • ぴおを全力で応援プラン👑Zenryoku

    Monthly Cost: 5,000 yen plan

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  • ぴおを甘やかしプラン🍬Pamper

    Monthly Cost: 10,000 yen plan

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