Specified Commercial Transaction Act

  • Business Name


  • Administrative Director

    Jun Fujii, EISYS, Inc.

  • Location

    東京都千代田区神田練塀町300 住友不動産秋葉原駅前ビル12階

  • Contact Us

    Please[ Contact Us here ].

    * The company's phone number will be emailed to any users without delay upon request. If you require our phone number, please request it using the form above.

  • Selling Price

    Refer to Creator Pages

  • Necessary charges other than product price

    Charges associated with the use of the Internet

  • Product Delivery Period


    Immediately upon completion of payment.


    Rewards are provided directly from the creators of each crowdfunding project to the supporters and are as described in each crowdfunding project.

  • Payment Method

      1. Credit card
      2. DLsite Points
  • Payment Period


    The monthly cost is charged on the day you subscribe to the plan, and after that, the cost for the following month is automatically charged between 21:00: on the last day of each month and 00:00: on the first day of the following month (all times in JST).


    Immediately upon reward purchase

  • Product Returns / Contract Cancellations etc.

    Due to the nature of the service and products, contracts cannot be canceled upon completion, and products cannot be returned and refunded.

    To unsubscribe from an automatic monthly plan renewal (which occurs at the end of each month), go to the creator's plan list page, click "Unsubscribe from Plan" from the relevant plan, and then click "Unsubscribe" from the unsubscribe page.

    Please note that you cannot unsubscribe from the last day of the month at 00:00 until the first day of the next month at 00:00, so if you want to unsubscribe from a plan for the following month, please do so between the first day of the month at 00:00 and the last day of the month at 20:59. (all times in JST)

  • Operating Environment

    Please check this page for details.

  • E-Advertisement Emails



  • The website operator provides Creators and Users registered on the website with an "intermediary space" to conduct commercial transactions on the Internet with a service/price determined within the scope of the terms and conditions set. The website operator is not involved in the commercial transactions concluded between Creators and Users.

    Inquiries and complaints regarding the contents of business transactions and services provided by Creators shall be determined and resolved between Creators and Users.