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5月支援者限定コミュニティへの招待 May Invitation





・ Vプリカ
・ 電子マネー
・ ネットバンク
・ コンビニ前払い
・ d払い
・WebMoney からお選びいただけます。


If the Japanese user interface is difficult to read, please consider using the translation feature from Chrome's right-click menu to read it in English or another language.

(Regarding Support Methods)

You can find information about payment methods at the following URL:

One of Ci-en's significant advantages is that it allows support through methods other than credit cards, such as DLsite points (DL Points). As a result, Ci-en effectively accommodates multiple payment methods.

DL Points can be purchased using various payment methods.

During the purchase process, you can choose from the following options:

Credit Card
V Preca
Electronic Money
Online Banking
Prepaid Convenience Store Payment
d Payment

If you like the illustration that we are distributing, please press “☆”.

"2000" plans and above exclusive(s) Monthly Cost:2,000 yen

Viewing period has ended. This exclusive perk can no longer be accessed.

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