Isa Ch. Sep/05/2023 20:31

明日動画を投稿します。I will post a video tomorrow.

The next video will be posted tomorrow, Wednesday evening.
I boarded the green car of the Yokosuka Line during the morning hours and enjoyed the train window from Shinagawa to Yokohama.

This train, E217 series, was introduced about 25 years ago and is the oldest suburban train in Kanto.
Of course, the green car is also the oldest!

We boarded this first floor seat! As you can see, the seats are lower than the platform.

The view is like this. There is a human foot in front of you.... It looks like a really thrilling trip!

What a view of Mt!
The Yokosuka Line runs on a slightly elevated section after Musashi-Kosugi Station. There, the view is quite good as there is no obstruction around! If it is clear, you can see beautiful scenery. Of course, the sunset is also beautiful!

After the elevated section, the train joins the Tokaido Line. What a surprise, we were able to run side by side with the E233 series! Watch the video to see which one wins!

Come to think of it, the blood test results were not particularly abnormal.
I wondered if my infection control was so lax that I could easily catch a cold.
However, it is interesting that I am not infected with either influenza or corona, but only with colds.
I will probably catch another cold next month. It is a little comforting to think so.
Thank you for supporting me again this month.

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