エクスサウザンド アルファ版 ver4.70 (EXE THOUSAND ALPHA 4.70)

It will be available for download in about two hours.
Please check the version before downloading.

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2020/09/24 アルファ版 ver4.70▽


▼ Latest update contents
2020/09/24 Alpha version ver4.70 ▽

-Major changes in gun operation. Shooting attacks in the direction of the mouse pointer while holding down the left click.
-Removed the MP natural recovery ability that was normally given to legendary equipment.
-Added a small amount of MP natural recovery ability to ash.
-The design of the SHOP screen has been updated.
-Updated the movie on the home screen. I added a link.
-Changed to recover life at the start of the boss battle.
-Adjusted so that MP starts in the MAX state at the time of revenge.
-Preparation for free quest has started. * It is still under construction.
-Fixed the problem that the game stopped after checking the version when started while offline.
-Some tips for capturing the event scene in Chapter 1 have been added to the text.
-Partially corrected the contents of the guidebook.

エクスサウザンド公式サイト - EXE THOUSAND Official site▼