• 無料プラン

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    • 無料記事の閲覧ができます。

    • ぷちデビルプラン

    • Monthly Cost: 200 yen plan

    • DL-siteで販売中の作品に使えるオトクなクーポンや先出し情報など、 さらにFORTONSPACEを応援したいという方向け。 投げ銭感覚ですぐ無料プランに戻ってもらっても全然OK!励みになります

    • デビルマニアプラン

    • Monthly Cost: 500 yen plan

    • DL-siteで販売中の作品に使えるオトクなクーポンや先出し情報に加え、過去作の裏話なども閲覧できるマニアックなプランです。 もっとFORTONSPACEを応援したいという方向け。 投げ銭感覚ですぐ無料プランに戻ってもらっても全然OK!励みになります

    • ハードコアデビルプラン

    • Monthly Cost: 1,000 yen plan

    • 基本はマニアデビルプランと同じです(クーポン、限定記事、過去作品ウラ話) さらに!10か月以上継続特典として、新作クレジットにお名前を記載! とことんFORTONSPACEを応援したいという方向け。 もちろん投げ銭感覚ですぐ無料プランに戻ってもらっても全然OK!励みになります

  • About Paid Plans

  • Payments will be automatically processed between the last day of every month at 21:00 and the first day of the following month at 00:00.

    While the first payment must be made immediately, subsequent payments will be automatically withdrawn at the end of each month. Even if you subscribe part-way through a month, you can access all articles for that month from start to finish.

  • You can end your support for a creator or change plans anytime.

    Changing to a lower plan will not result in an extra charge, as the content included is the same. Changing to a higher plan will result in a charge for the difference in the cost of your current monthly plan and the new plan.

    * Exempting the last day of the month from 21:00~ to the first of the following month at 00:00.

  • Creator articles posted during a month you supported can be viewed even if you are no longer supporting them.

    Creator articles from a month during which you supported can be viewed even if you've stopped supporting them. If you end support for a creator during a month, you can still view all new articles that release until the end of that month. (* Please note that past articles can be hidden or deleted at the creator's discretion.)

  • How to use

  • Ci-en is not a marketplace.

    Ci-en is a platform dedicated to supporting creators. It is not for the registration review for users, or creators, or plan contents.

    Please see [What is Ci-en?] for more information about keeping Ci-en an open and creative environment for all users.

  • About Payment Methods

    You can pay via credit card or DLsite points.

    To buy DLsite points, in addition to the above credit card brands, the following payment methods are also available.

    • Electronic money
    • Internet banking
    • Convenience Store Advance Payment
    • Bank Transfer
    • BitCash
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